Kyo-Jean Chung

Formally educated at the University of Calgary, Kyo-Jean graduated in 2014 with a degree in International Business. Through work, travel, and influencers his passion and focus has grown in the areas of social and environmental sustainability and regeneration as it related to global and local food systems.

In 2015, Kyo-Jean furthered his passion for earth care and people care by obtaining his Permaculture Design Certificate from Verge Permaculture.

Kyo-Jean has always shown a particularly vibrant energy that was moulded through work at the family’s café, a wide array of competitive athletics, and bilingual schooling. From a young age growing up in a Korean household and being immersed in French language arts, Kyo-Jean was blessed with a diverse and global perspective that has become the foundation for his cultural curiosity and passions in service to social and environmental issues and challenges.